How to Prepare for a Tourism Trade Show

Any business in the tourism trade has to upgrade presentations at shows to attract new customers. People are traveling less, staying home, and spending resources on home theaters instead of hotels. They are investing in backyard renovations that include pools and hot tubs. The trend in uncertain economic times is to spend money once and enjoy the results for years. That leaves out dream vacations, luxury resorts, expensive spa treatments, and exotic destinations. Those that do travel are becoming more selective about where to visit, stay, and eat. A trade show provides massive exposure for the business so owners need to make the most of the opportunity.

Booths have to dazzle, the image has to be complete, and presentations have to capture the imagination. Businesses are side by side with the competition so the pressure to stand out and make an impression is intense. Printing up glossy pictures of the lobby will no longer draw visitors to your luxury hotel. Content has to highlight reasons to select the hotel over any other in the area. Videos have to be created in a manner than suggests this destination is superior to the beach, or that amusement park attraction. Following up a trade show presentation with increased social media activity will get the business noticed, as well as raise search engine rankings. Place pictures of the booth on the website, along with a short video of staff interacting with visitors. Send different angles of the booth to Instagram to generate interest.

Whether the trade show is a regional event, a national event, or the International Travel Business (ITB) trade show and convention, the business has to be prepared to make a strong and favorable impression. A comprehensive marketing plan developed by an experienced company that specializes in luxury travel is the quickest way to get the business increased bookings, more leads, and the attention of a wider audience if travelers. Those businesses participating in ITB 2017 in Berlin in March will benefit from reviewing presentations, branding displays, and website coverage of the event. There is still time to improve the entire image of the business before heading to the largest global tourism event in the world.